Beşiktaş District Directorate Of National Education

Beşiktaş District Directorate Of National Education has an important place in Istanbul province with a total of 4230 administrators / teachers / staff and 36701 students in 265 public and private schools and institutions. It is responsible for the planning, coordination and management of all kinds of educational and training activities from preprimary schools to high schools including all kinds of  secondary school; vocational, technical schools and also adult education in Beşiktaş. Within the framework of the European Union 2020 strategy and the 2023 strategic plan of the Ministry of National Education, it actively carries out or supports different national and international projects in the field of education.


die Berater

“die Berater” Unternehmensberatungs GmbH ( focuses on adult education, vocational training and human resources development. Founded in 1998 by Martin Röhsner, die Berater®  now employs around 350 people in over 33 locations throughout Austria.

die Berater’s main fields of activities are:

  • Adult education and vocational training
  • Consultancy
  • Coaching and counselling
  • Outplacement
  • New media
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • bridges to europe: EU projects and EU project consultancy

Contents and methodologies of the training offers are tailor-made according to the needs of the customers, including online seminars. die Berater’s New Media department develops educational architectures, provides tailor-made e-learning and mobile learning solutions, and produces state of the art e-learning content.

In the past years the department bridges to europe has been involved in more than 150 EU-funded projects in different roles – as project coordinator, partner and evaluator. Through these projects, a sustainable European partner network of more than 500 organisations has evolved.



Symplexis is a Greek non-for-profit organization that strives to ensure equal opportunities for all through actions and measures that build skills, empower and promote active engagement and participation focusing on the most vulnerable categories of the population and particularly those with fewer opportunities.

Symplexis’ mission is to elevate social cohesion through integrated actions and project-based activities that aim at promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups at risk of marginalization and exclusion, while promoting and protecting the rights of various types of population groups that face discrimination focusing on the empowerment and support of victims, awareness raising and information sharing at all level.



KNOW AND CAN ASSOCIATION is a non-governmental organization, founded in 2007 in Sofia. It works on national and European projects and intellectual development programs in the sphere of non-formal education.

The main goals of the Association are: to elaborate and apply specialized programs aiming to develop different skills and the intelligence of children, youths and adults; to apply modern methods and technologies for development of non-formal education of children and youths in Bulgaria; to train specialists in the sphere of non-formal education.

The team of “Know and Can“ Association includes specialists in different fields – trainings of youths and adults, finance and economics, pedagogy and psychology, public administration, administration and government, human resources management. Its members are enthusiastic and ambitious professionals with variety of interests. They are tolerant, consistent, hardworking and team-oriented people.

The main activities of “Know and Can“ Association are: elaboration and management of own projects; participation in national and international projects and programs; organizing and cooperation in implementing regional, local, national and international events of educational character; organizing permanently held seminars, workshops, discussions and other events for exchange of ideas and good practices for popularization of non-formal education; making contacts and cooperation with state bodies and non-governmental organizations having attitude to education; organizing educational courses for specialists working in the sphere of non-traditional education.


Magenta Consultoría Projects S.L.U

Magenta Consultoría Projects S.L.U. is a consultancy company specialised in gender equality, social areas and European projects. Magenta’s philosophy is based on people and on the idea of contributing to build a better society. For that purpose, we develop different projects targeted to youngsters, women, vulnerable groups and people at social risk in order to promote their inclusion and help develop their skills. Besides the development of European projects in a wide range of areas, Magenta also offers tailored-made training programmes combining training in formal and non-formal education; language courses and mobility programmes including all related activities (trainings, workshops, job-shadowing, internships, cultural activities…). Through our work and programmes we daily invest our efforts on promoting equal opportunities for all and the re-build of an equal and fair society.

AB Merkezi logo

EU Activities Centre (EUAC)

The EU Activities Centre (EUAC) is a lead non-governmental organization in Turkey, founded on October 6, 2004 to contribute to the preparation for the accession of Turkey to the EU through training, conducting research, panels, symposiums, seminars and structured meetings, with the aim of raising awareness about Turkey’s accession process,; to help lifting prejudices and to promote lobbying activities. Representatives of various sectors, EU experts, as well as University professors support the operations of the association.

The EU Activities Centre aims to promote the dialogue between Turkey, the other candidates, potential candidates and EU member countries, having more than 15 years of experience in EU policies and EU harmonization applying a variety of tools, such as research, evaluation and studies on economic, social and cultural issues at regional and national level.

The specific expertise of the association relates with all subtopics of EU policies and EU harmonization by the help of conducting research, evaluation and specialized studies on the economic, social, cultural, sectoral and regional outcomes of the implementation of EU policies in Turkey. The association is involved in highlighting the changes that need to be made during the integration process with the EU, ensuring civic participation of NGOs at local and national level in accordance with the relevant legislation. Moreover, the association has established good contacts with competent governmental authorities, as well as with volunteering promoting organizations. EUAC also maintains strong links and relationships with other similar actors in almost all EU countries.