Alternative Safety Nets

What is the ALTER project about? 

Early school leaving, often linked to low-skilled employment or unemployment and social exclusion, is a critical issue both for individuals and societies, as a whole. Despite the key-role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and social media in job seeking, low-qualified adults who have left school early, tend not to fully understand the importance of their online activity on their professional life. At the same time, most vocational or alternative training programmes for unemployed adults rarely focus on the creation of a strong online professional identity.

In this context, the ALTER project aims to maximise the impact and contribution of alternative education or other equivalent institutions for adult education in participating countries (Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain), both in terms of increasing the quality of courses provided and also in empowering and facilitating their attendants to access the labour market, through upskilling their digital/social media competences for job search purposes.

What are the main target groups?


in alternative educational institutions for adults who haven’t completed secondary education.


with low typical skills who haven’t completed the secondary education.

Institutions and stakeholders

active in adult education (e.g. employment agencies, VET providers, recruiters, employers’ associations).

The ALTER’s Objectives

  • Enhance digital/social media competences and skills of (low-skilled or low-qualified) adults having dropped out of the formal education system through innovative learning tools.
  • Encourage educators in alternative education or other equivalent institutions for adults to extend their media literacy and digital skills by understanding their significance and contribution to the advancement of the learners, both from an educational and a professional scope of view.
  • Attract adults having dropped out of school to complete their secondary education by attending schools for adults through effective outreach strategy.
  • Attract young adults coming from disadvantaged backgrounds (including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, roma) into formal education system.

Main activities and outputs

Development of a capacity building methodology

for educators of alternative education institutions for adults based on the existing web-based professional profiling methodologies & practices, as well as on the special needs of low-skilled middle-aged adults who haven’t completed the secondary education.

Development and pilot testing

of an online capacity building platform

Promotion of this methodology and tool

Promotion of this methodology and tool

ALTER at a glance